What it is and Who it's for

  • Open Chemistry is a place to share ideas and methods of teaching Chemistry. Yes, it is a place to gather resources, but more than that, it is space for Chemistry teachers to connect with other Chemistry teachers to discuss their work and how to create an effective learning environment for their students. Think of it as subject specific, resource rich, network driven professional development for Chemistry teachers. It is for anybody who wishes to continue to grow as a teacher and a learner.

Joining Open Chemistry

  • If you are here, you are halfway home to joining the Open Chemistry community. In the upper left corner, you should see a prompt asking if you want to join this site. Simply click on "Join now". Your membership will be approved as soon as possible.

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How to Use this Site

  • Introduce yourself.
    • Navigate to the Member Directory Page and create a link to your own page (use your name as the page title). There you can share some basic information about where you teach, your teaching philosophy and anything else you would like to share. Also, add a picture to help us get to know you. Please take some time to do this as it will help us establish a community.

  • Share Resources.
    • This is an open space for Chemistry teachers to share the resources that make their classes great. Please feel free to share worksheets, labs, demonstrations, quizzes, tests or any other ideas with your fellow teachers. Use any resources you wish, but please try to give as much as you take. For the sake of organization, use titles that describe the resource being added.
    • Simply go to the page for the topic you would like to add to and upload your files or add your links.

  • Use the Discussion to develop ideas.
    • The resources are a great start, but it is the connections between teachers that will help us all build our skills as teachers. On each page, there is an option for a discussion. Use it to start conversations around a specific unit, ask questions or otherwise connect with other members.

General Guidelines for Use of this Site

  • Give as much as you receive. It is only through sharing that the site will grow.
  • Watch out for copyright issues. While gathering resources is very helpful, do not overstep by adding licensed materials.
  • Be respectful and polite. As we build this community, it is important to treat other member s as colleagues.
  • Be creative. If you feel something is missing, add it! Don't hold back, share what you know.

For those new to wiki's, getting started is as easy as hitting the "EDIT" button. Play around with the features and add files and links.
Here is a Brief Video you can use as a basic tutorial.